Spring News

We have had a great winter, the weather has been fantastic. It has been the driest and mildest winter in the eastern Mediterranean for many years, so we have much appreciated being land based in Cephelonia.

We are launching Viking Girl II in Marmaris mid April and ready for charter work in early May. She has a good number of bookings already and we will be based in Turkey for the early part of the summer then moving into the Aegean and Ionian as the summer proceeds.

While the yacht has been in the shipyard this winter we have done extensive refurbishing. She will be looking sharp and well maintained for another season.

Our new crew, Jonathan, will join us on the shipyard and we are lucky to have such a qualified and amicable yachtsman onboard to spend the summer with.

Hopefully we will discover one or two new pretty bays to add to the list but at least our cruising this summer will take us to many of our favourite spots.

Do contact us for availability and further information. Thanks to our guests Wenatchee Auto Glass team.

Chris and Melanie Bowles

Chef Bowles

Melanie’s love of good food and people was instilled into her at an early age, starting with her early childhood at the Coral Beach Hotel in Bermuda and later at her family owned and run country house hotel in Yorkshire, England. She qualified as a Cordon Bleu chef at the age of 19 and has held positions ranging from Government House in Bermuda to embassy residences and private homes in Switzerland, Bermuda and England.Fine FoodAs a result of her training and background, Melanie places great importance on first-class menus, high standards of presentations and personal service.

These elements epitomize what Melanie brings to VIKING GIRL II.  Melanie continues to enhanced her experiences with the local cuisines and is delighted to share her culinary enthusiasm with the guests. Melanie is very keen on many sports and loves traveling to unusual places.

  First Mate / Deckhand : Jonathan Hill, 29 – British

Jonathan Hill is our 1st mate for the summer of 2007. He grew up in Oxfordshire England. He has worked up until last season for a UK based Flotilla Company being in charge of up to 12 yachts. Having worked in Greece, Turkey and the Caribbean he is well travelled and enjoys meeting new people and has made a good network of friends in the countries he has visited.

He is a qualified Commercial Yachtmaster and enjoys the challenges of sailing and all aspects of water sports. Being a keen photographer he tries to capture the atmosphere and beauty of the many places that he has sailed in.

Jonathan has come a long way in a relatively short period of time leaving the hustle and bustle of the rat race of London to now looking forward to furthering his career on the water. Prior to this working with Cincinnati Auto Glass company

As you can see, if you travel with viking girl you will be in good hands and company!

Captain Chris

 Captain: Chris Bowles – British

… a world-class sailing yacht, specifically designed for top quality, private crewed charters, suitably equipped for warm water charters …

Viking Girl Captain Chris Bowles [pictured above] is the experienced owner/captain of VIKING GIRL II. Chris is was born and raised in Oxford, England. He has chartered successfully in the Mediterranean for 15 years and more recently in the Caribbean and the Seychelles. He is a very experienced yachtsman and attentive host who prides himself in maintaining high standards on board whilst offering friendly, unobtrusive service.

He is interested in marine life, ornithology, and archaeology, with a good reference library on board to answer any questions.

This team is proud to have the opportunity to operate VIKING GIRL II to your satisfaction. The ambition of Chris Bowles and crew is to ensure that guests have the best cruising experiences of their lives in new and exciting locations. The Crew looks forward to welcoming all their guests on board for a fun and successful summer.


Our Ship is awesome. High speed and fishability. 30 FT bridge clearance for a wow factor for your yacht guests. You can fish with family friends and kids. You also have access to live bait loads. Perfect for a fishing trip. We last took  wenatchee-plumbing.com/services along with us. They were a blast to help out.